The Most Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books

EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books

Take a look at my round-up of some of the most beautiful vegetarian recipe books I’ve come across

Beautiful cookbooks are what absolutely make a home kitchen. I grew up surrounded by my Ma’s huge collection of vegetarian recipe books, and since I first moved out to university I’ve been trying to curate a library of gorgeous recipe books to rival hers. Every birthday and Christmas my partner and I exchange a few cookbooks, full of delicious treats (and drool-worthy pictures) – sometimes inspired by the way one or the other of us prefers to eat (being a gluten-free vegetarian means my recipe books can get specific, and as a chef he loves anything on-trend or unusual), inspiring us for a trip we want to take together, or just because the book looks beautiful and the recipes sound delicious. Read on for the list of my all-time favourite vegetarian recipe books:

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EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books

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The Most Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books:

  • Green Kitchen Travels: Healthy vegetarian food inspired by our adventures^

    EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books - Green Kitchen Travels

    This vegetarian recipe book just makes me want to get up, pack a bag, and book a flight to anywhere. The recipes are all healthy and easy-to-follow. Authors David Frenkiel and Louise Vindahl have travelled the world with their little family, and this recipe book shows just that, a mishmash of cuisines, all with a focus on simple, fresh, green ingredients.

  • The Cranks Bible: A Timeless Collection of Vegetarian Recipes^

    EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books - The Cranks Bible

    Crank’s is basically the original vegetarian restaurant in the UK. Established in 1961 on London’s Carnaby Street, the restaurant expanded out to a small chain, and now has one venue in Dorset, along with a range of fresh vegetarian breads and food-to-go, available in supermarkets, and a whole bunch of recipe books that have been my family’s go-to since the dawn of time. My sisters and I have all been bestowed with the original paperback Cranks Recipe Book: The Vegetarian Classics^, which inspires my dad’s best-ever, super-warming, comfort-eating, hangover-curing tomato soup recipe.

  • Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian Cookbook^

    EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books - Madhur Jaffrey
    ‘Mad Jaff’, as she is lovingly nicknamed in our house, is another long-standing family favourite. There are so many beautiful vegetarian Indian recipe books I could refer to, but Madhur Jaffrey is an actual Queen, so I go back to her again and again. Madhur Jaffrey”s Indian Cookery^ is the other old-fashioned paperback that my parents made sure to give me a copy of when I moved away from home, but her World Vegetarian Cookbook^is more deserving on a list of the best vegetarian recipe books.

  • A Modern Way to Eat^

    EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books - A Modern Way to Eat
    Anna Jones is a healthy vegetarian superstar and one-time student of Jamie Oliver. I love love love her vegetarian recipe books because they aren’t just recipe books: yes, she includes full recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in-between, but its the extra pages, showing formulae or variations, or seasonal combinations that really make this cookbook shine. Pages like ‘How to Make a Great Salad’ or ‘Morning Smoothies – A Few Ways’ don’t give you a recipe, as such, they give you the tools to find your own favourite recipes, time and again.

  • Mildreds: The Vegetarian Cookbook^

    EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books - Mildreds Cook Book
    Mildred is not only the name of my baby sister, but also another of the UK’s longest-standing (and still thriving) vegetarian restaurants. I think I have a bit of wistful nostalgia for vegetarian restaurants: my parents owned one in Yorkshire in the late ’80s and all their stories from that time sometimes make me wish I could follow in their footsteps. The recipes in this book are divine and really well-labelled for vegan and gluten-free options too, which is super-helpful for me.

EatsLeeds Beautiful Vegetarian Recipe Books

So, what are your favourite vegetarian recipe books? Let me know in the comments!

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