Turmeric Tea

EatsLeeds Turmeric Tea Recipe

I wrote a few weeks ago about the wonderfully healthy, healing Turmeric Tea I had a Filmore and Union, and promised to share with you how I make my version.EatsLeeds Turmeric Tea Recipe - Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric

I’ve been drinking this for weeks now, it is really warming and refreshing. Turmeric Tea is great for a sore throat or a cold, but I’ve been drinking a few cups of this tea every day for the past few weeks. It is so simple to make and tastes delicious – it curbs the mid-afternoon sugar cravings and is just really energising.

These quantities serve one, or you can double them into a pot for two. The tea doesn’t really need a full recipe , but just in case:

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The Turmeric Tea recipe:

Turmeric Tea
Serves 1
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Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. Wedge of Lemon (between ¼ and ⅙)
  2. Small piece of Ginger (around 1cm cubed or so)
  3. ½ tsp. Honey
  4. ¼ tsp. Ground Turmeric
  1. Put all the ingredients into a mug or small teapot. The turmeric has never stained any of my crockery but I would advise against using your finest china, just in case.EatsLeeds Turmeric Tea Recipe - Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric and Honey
  2. Cover with hot water (just off the boil), stir and allow to infuse for five minutes or so.
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Drink your Turmeric Tea whilst its hot, and feel the warming, energising benefits right away.EatsLeeds Turmeric Tea Recipe

Making Turmeric Tea another day? Pin it so you don’t forget!

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