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  • The Best UK Gluten-Free Beers

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Top 5 Gluten Free Beers

    What are the best UK Gluten-Free Beers available to ale-drinking coeliacs? If you’re a beer-loving coeliac or a gluten-intolerant ale-drinker, finding really good UK Gluten-Free Beers can be a nightmare. Never fear, though – I’ve put together this guide to the top gluten-free beers available in the UK. You can now get hold of some […]

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  • Turmeric Tea

    EatsLeeds Turmeric Tea Recipe

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the wonderfully healthy, healing Turmeric Tea I had a Filmore and Union, and promised to share with you how I make my version. I’ve been drinking this for weeks now, it is really warming and refreshing. Turmeric Tea is great for a sore throat or a cold, but […]