Why EatsLeeds is on a Break Until Mid-May

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I’ve been blogging here at EatsLeeds for over a year now, and I’ve thought long and hard about taking this break from blogging.

I’ve had a hectic few weeks recently, and I’ve got a mad busy 6 weeks ahead of me (traveling + house move + wedding all before mid-May).

To be honest, I’m struggling to keep up with everything. Between day-to-day life (my day job, my freelance business, and developing recipes for EatsLeeds) and big-life-stuff life (buying a house and planning a wedding) I’m stretching myself way too thin at the moment.

I’m focussing on running regularly, feeding myself properly (and taking the odd bit of downtime with a beer and my favourite people), but I’m still feeling the pressure.

I started EatsLeeds over a year ago as a creative outlet, and it has become so much more than that. Somewhere in the process though, I’ve lost some of my passion, and I’ve started to see blogging as a chore.

This week marks six weeks until the day I marry my best friend, and I don’t want these lovely memories to be overshadowed by negative emotions. I need the time and space to breathe in the happiness of every day (and that might just be the most woo sentence I’ve ever written).

Basically, I’m feeling the overwhelm. My freelance business, my mental health, and my relationships with friends and family need to come first for a while.

So I’m taking a 6-week break from the EatsLeeds blog. I’ll still be sharing foodie goodness on Insta (@zpickburn) and on twitter (@ZoePickburn), and I’m hoping to give the blog some much needed technical updates, but I’m not planning any fresh blog posts until after the middle of May.

Hopefully this break will remind me why I fell in love with food blogging to begin with. Blogging led me to rediscover my love of writing and rekindle my passion for finding delicious recipes that fit into my vegetarian and gluten-free lifestyle.

So follow me on Insta (@zpickburn), on twitter (@ZoePickburn) or on Facebook (@EatsLeeds) to keep up with my foodie adventures over the next few months, and sign up to the EatsLeeds newsletter to be the first to hear when we’re back on the road in May.

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