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About Zoe Pickburn

I am Zoe Pickburn.

Foodie Blogger. Content Writer. Recipe Developer is a vegetarian + gluten-free food blog where I help gluten-free vegetarians (and everyone else) to eat tastier food.

I develop and share some yummy, simple and healthy recipes and explore some of the best bars and restaurants local to me in Leeds.

I’m going to let you in in a (not so secret) secret now:

I’m a really fussy eater.

I don’t eat meat. Not even fish, not even chicken, not even bacon. I know, I’m too round and rosy cheeked to be vegetarian, amiright? For reals though, I’ve never eaten meat* and I don’t intend to start now (and I literally don’t care whether or not you eat it: you do your thang and I’ll do mine.)

I also don’t eat wheat. I cut it out of my diet around April 2015 because I had a constantly bloated stomach, digestive issues and headaches that made me irritable. Not ideal. My symptoms had cleared up within a week of giving up gluten and, other than the occasional pang of longing for a big bowl of pasta, a cold pint of beer or a slice of warm, buttered bread (big breath in), I generally feel much better without gluten.

So, gluten-free + vegetarian food in Leeds. What’s that all about?

Meatless , wheat free food is definitely not boring (except when the only option on the menu is chips) and certainly not restricted to health food (see point a. RE chips). I love a good salad, but I love a good beer too, in fact, as long as its meat-free and wheat-free, I’ll eat pretty much anything you give me. My favourite meals are colourful and flavoursome: A bit of this, a bit of that, shared with friends over a cold drink.

Or brunch. Brunch is the best.

I am so excited to be in Leeds right now. The city is constantly expanding, and the local food and drinks scene produces some of the most delicious, inspiring, unexpected experiences I could wish for. As I navigate the eateries of Leeds, I am usually pleasantly surprised at how diverse and delicious the food on offer to a meat-free-wheat-free eater like me is – the restrictions on my diet are my own choice, so I don’t expect to eat something new and exciting every time I go out. But somehow I usually do.

Stick around and read a little more about my foodie adventures in Leeds.

Go to my reviews and round-ups of local venues here, or my gluten-free vegetarian recipe collection here.

Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback – good or bad, I always want to you what you reckon. Want to work with me to promote your foodie brand or business? I’ve got you covered.

– Zoe Pickburn

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    Hi Zoe,

    Do you have an email address to get in touch with?


    1. Hi Anette,

      Thanks for getting in touch – my email address is (I’ve dropped you an email from my personal account too)


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