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I’m Zoe. Foodie Blogger. Content Writer. Recipe Developer. is a vegetarian + gluten-free food blog where I help gluten-free vegetarians (and everyone else) to eat tastier food, whilst helping foodie brands and businesses to reach a niche audience with share-worthy (and drool-worthy) blog posts + engaging social messages.

Find out a little more about me here.

Let’s work together to reach your audience with sponsored content

I love to work with great brands on sponsored posts.

Sponsorship guarantees promotional coverage on, and across my social media channels.


Blog Post Sponsorship
from £40
Sponsorship of one blog post (exact content TBC)
Mention + endorsement of your product or service
Social Sharing Tagging your brand + branded hashtags
- 2 Tweets
- 2 Facebook posts
- 2 Instagram posts
- 1 branded Pin
Recipe Sponsorship
from £60
Sponsorship of one recipe post (exact dish TBC)
Recipe developed with + endorsing your product
Social Sharing Tagging your brand + branded hashtags
- 4 Tweets
- 2 Facebook posts
- 2 Instagram posts
- 1 branded Pin
+ 1-day Instagram story
Blog Series
from £150
Sponsorship of two recipes + one blog post (as described)
Typically delivered monthly (exact timeframes can be flexible)
Social Sharing Tagging your brand + branded hashtags
- 12 Tweets
- 6 Facebook posts
- 6 Instagram posts
- 3 branded Pins
+ 2 x 1-day Instagram stories
PLUS Sidebar advertising for duration of sponsorship
Sidebar Advert
from £15
Display your branded graphic in my blog sidebar
Includes a link to any page on your site
Social Sharing Tagging your brand + branded hashtags
- 2 tweets
- 1 facebook post
150px x 150px graphics
Available on a monthly (£20/mo) or quarterly (£15/mo) basis*

*50% discount for food bloggers – listed in my sidebar for £10/mo.

Contact me on the form below or drop me a line on to chat about some of the ways I can promote your business, whatever your budget + timescale.

Find Out About My Audience

You can see my recipe archive here and my social profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

As is a niche gluten-free and vegetarian food blog I have a focused audience and influence in the free-from space.

Highlights (upd. March 2017) include 1,600+ monthly pageviews and a combined social following of 1,800+ targeted and captivated fans in the niche, with monthly impressions on twitter alone at over 14K. For more details, request my media kit.

Sponsored Blog Post FAQs:

What Kind of Brands, Products and Services do you feature?

Good question! I’m super house-proud about, and I truly only feature things would genuinely reccommend to my own IRL friends and family.

A few of the types of brands make great features:

  • Edible Food Products [Provided they are vegetarian + gluten-free. Both delicious finished products and yummy ingredients are welcome]
  • Kitchen equipment [Rrom pots and pans to electricals, if it helps me to make good food, I’ll consider it for a feature]
  • Dining Accessories [I love love love pretty plates, beautiful bowls and cute cutlery (also alliteration, apparently)]
  • Fitness kit [Particularly for running – I regularly share running tips and information I’ve picked up on my running journey]
  • Photography Gear [I regularly write about food photography (and I get very excited about new gear!) Approach me about photography kit, software or props]
  • Recipe Books [Reading is my other passion (besides food). My kitchen is stuffed with recipe books + I love to features them on]
  • Local Venues or Products [I especially love writing about venues and products in Leeds + Yorkshire and offer a 10% discount to local businesses]

Don’t panic if your product, brand or service doesn’t sound like any of the above – they’re just suggestions! If you think my readership would love your stuff, let’s talk.

Will you write about my charity or social cause?

Probably, so long as the cause and message are in line with my values, and the values of my loyal readers (particularly if they have some kind or relation to food) – fill in the form, let me know what’s what and we’ll take it from there.

Do you want to come to my venue or event?

Assuming that it’s in Leeds, that I’m available, and that it’s within my niche (I probably won’t be much fun at a fashion show or a meat BBQ joint), absolutely!

I always love to be invited to try out new places to eat and drink in Leeds, so send your invitations to

Unfortunately, not all invitations warrant a dedicated post, though they are usually promoted on social media and often included as part of another post (such as a recipe or round-up). To guarantee a dedicated blog post, talk to be about sponsoring a post

Will you write about my brand in exchange for a complimentary product?

Honestly, it depends.

I do love receiving products that my readers and I would enjoy, and I usually share complimentary products on my social media accounts, and may mention them in a blog post.

In terms of a featured post, it depends a) on what the product is worth to me (Would I have spent money on it anyway? Even if your product has a retail value far exceeding the cost of regular sponsorship, it needs to offer value for me and for my readers) and b) on how full my editorial calendar is with sponsored posts (obviously, these come first).

So send me a message about your product, and we’ll take it from there!

Will you write about my product in exchange for a discount?

I’m not going to lie to you, I almost undoubtedly won’t.

Thank about it for a moment – Every recipe, photograph, blog post and social media message takes time and resources – time and resources that could be spent adding more value for my readers, working on sponsored content or just, you know, hanging out with my husband-of-the-future.

My time is valuable, and you’re essentially asking me to pay you to share your product with my audience. Do feel free to send me a message about it, but be aware that I’m only likely to accept a discount in exchange for work, on very high-value items, that I would be purchasing anyway.

Will You Feature My Makeup Range /Beef Jerky/ Gambling Site?

Yeah, probably not.

If your brand or product isn’t aligned with and my readership, I will not feature it.

It wouldn’t reach the audience you’re looking for and it would turn off my audience.
If you drop me a message and ask nicely, I might be able to put you in touch with a blogger who has a captive audience in your niche.

When can you have the post online?

That depends somewhat on my editorial calendar. I post once or twice a week – usually a recipe every Friday, and other posts (about local eateries, running and fitness, or food photography) on Tuesdays.

I can be flexible with the calendar, provided I’m not booked out with other sponsored posts. If you have a particular requirement or timescale do let me know and I’ll work with you to make sure your needs are met.

Will I have editorial control?

Yes and no.

First, we’ll discuss the content together (via email or skype) – what type of dish will be developed, what the theme of the post will be, etc.

Then I’ll go away and write the post, including researching developing and testing the recipe; styling, shooting and editing the photographs; and drafting, writing and proofing the blog post and social media copy.

You’ll get to preview the post before it goes live, and make any reasonable changes, to ensure that you’re totally happy with the post.

Do you accept pre-written posts or guest posts?

Not usually.

I’ve never featured content on that hasn’t been written and photographed by myself, and I don’t really plan to, but never say never.

I can pretty much guarantee that I will not accept pre-written or guest posts from brands, but I may be open to high-quality, original recipes and photographs from other food bloggers.

Can you promise that your review will be favourable towards my product?

As mentioned elsewhere, honesty really is essential to I love to give positive reviews, but being a blogger relies on trust. For this reason, I can never guarantee the outcome of a review, though I will always big up your positives, and if ever there is a problem, I will contact you to fix it in the first instance.

If you are paying to sponsor a post and your product turns out to be vastly unsuitable, I will refund your payment.

Do you have to let your readers know that the post is sponsored?

Yes. Some bloggers, brands and influencers may argue that there is a grey area around what constitutes an advert, but there is clear guidance from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) + Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) indicating that sponsored content, is classed as an advertorial and must therefore be disclosed as one.

Classification aside, my blog is primarily written for my readers. Without them, I wouldn’t have a platform to share my recipes and other musings. I believe in being honest with my readers, which means full disclosure.

More information about disclosure and the UK law as it relates specifically to food blogging can be found at Foodies 100.

Do you offer follow-links?

Nope. Both of us will be violating Google’s guidelines, and nobody wants to get on the wrong side of Google. We could both be penalised, which will have a drastic negative effect on SEO and search visibility. You can see more information on Google’s guidelines here.

Why do recipes cost more than regular posts?

To be honest, my most popular and most engaged-with blog posts are always recipes.They truly provide more authentic, helpful coverage for your brand than a straightforward review.

When you add together time for research, recipe development and testing (not to mention the cost of ingredients), plus styling, shooting and editing the final dish, on top of writing engaging, original writing in the blog post itself and in social media messages, you can see why recipe development costs more than a straightforward blog post.

So yes, recipes take more time and energy to produce, but they also provide you more value in terms of authenticity, reach and engagement.

Why is money so important to you – I thought you loved food blogging?

I do love food blogging, and I’ve worked really hard to be able to make a part-time living from it (I still work a regular office job three days a week).

However, food blogging costs time, effort and money (From recipe development, to learning technical skills to engaging with my audience on social media) and, unfortunately, I live in a real world where I have to pay for things like rent, grocery bills and coffee.

More to the point, my writing, recipe development and photography skills, as well as the niche audience I’ve built, are valuable to brands looking to bring their product to an engaged gluten-free and vegetarian audience in an authentic way.

For more about the importance of influencer marketing and micro-influencers you should read this, this and this.