The Best UK Gluten-Free Beers

EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Top 5 Gluten Free Beers

What are the best UK Gluten-Free Beers available to ale-drinking coeliacs?

If you’re a beer-loving coeliac or a gluten-intolerant ale-drinker, finding really good UK Gluten-Free Beers can be a nightmare. Never fear, though – I’ve put together this guide to the top gluten-free beers available in the UK. You can now get hold of some of these gluten-free beers in supermarkets, and all of them should be available at your local indie beer shop – if they’re not, go in and request them!

Retailers can (understandably) think that there isn’t a market for gluten-free beers in the UK, and so they’ll stock one line of gluten-free lager (if we’re lucky!). Next time you’re in your local specialist craft beer shop, off-licence or independent bar, make sure to ASK about gluten-free beer – you might be the one to persuade them to stock up!EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Top 5 Gluten Free Beers

Full disclosure: Some of the beers on this list were sent to me by the breweries for review. Some I bought myself. I’m not going to tell you which is which (though I am grateful to the breweries for supplying them). I thoroughly enjoyed all the gluten-free beers on this list, and would never include a beer I didn’t think was one of the best, regardless of whether or not I’d received it on a complimentary basis – honesty is essential to the EatsLeeds blog.

The Best UK Gluten Free Beers:

  • Redwell Brewing’s Kofra Gluten-Free Stout

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Redwell Brewery Kofra Gluten Free StoutI’ve made it clear before how much I love Redwell’s Kofra Stout. It is an absolutely delicious, thick, rich, coffee-tasing, after-dinner treat. Brewed in Norfolk, using Kofra coffee from their local barista, Redwell’s gluten-free stout pretty much tops my list

  • Bellfield Brewery’s Bohemian Gluten Free Pilsner

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Bellfield Brewery Bohemian Gluten Free PilsnerBellfield brewery was only launched earlier this year and is run as a totally gluten-free brewery – completely eliminating the worry of cross-contamination, and making Bellfield’s gluten-free beers completely safe, even for the most sensitive coeliac. So far Bellfield have produced this hoppy, Czech-style pilsner and an American-style IPA, but I hear they plan to launch anothe three or four before the end of 2016

  • First Chop’s Pod Gluten Free Stout

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - First Chop Pod Gluten Free StoutFirst Chop Brewing Arm brew up a range of ten beers at their rapidly-expanding brewery over in Manchester. Though they don’t only produce gluten-free beers, that is perhaps what they are best known for. First Chop’s range includes the citrussy grapefruit gluten-free saison, Pip; the mango gluten-free pale Jam; and my favourite, Pod, the gluten-free stout, is a gorgeously sweet, vanilla-scented oatmeal stout.

  • Brass Castle’s Sunshine Gluten Free IPA

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Brass Castle Sunshine Gluten Free IPABrewed in Malton, North Yorkshire, Brass Castle brewery are another mainstream brewery, making a name for themselves in gluten-free circles by de-glutenising many of their brews, including Hoptical Illusion gluten-free pale ale, Helles gluten-free lager, and one of my favourite hoppy gluten-free IPAs, Sunshine.

  • Brewdog’s Vagabond Gluten Free Pale Ale

    EatsLeeds Best UK Gluten-Free Beers - Brewdog Vagabond Gluten Free Pale AleNo list of great UK gluten-free beers would be complete without craft beer behemoth Brewdog’s gluten-free offering. Vagabond is the gluten-free beer most likely to be offered in your local bar, off-lisence or supermarket, and is a definite step up from the bland gluten-free lagers that were previously the best gluten-intolerant beer drinkers in the UK could hope for. Brewed at BrewDog HQ in Aberdeenshire, vagabond is a really drinkable session pale.

So that’s my take on the top 5 UK gluten free beers money can buy – let me know what your favourites are in the comments!

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  1. Eric Fletcher says: Reply

    Hi Zoe, Having only very recently found I am gluten intolerant, I was mortified that I wouldn’t be able to drink ale again. My experience of GF ale isn’t great, those I’ve tried are pretty poor really. They have tended to be lighter, more acidic/sharp and not the most pleasant tasting. However I am sure there will be a period of adjustment and they will taste better.
    So, to the matter at hand, I took a trip out to Leeds a couple of weeks ago and I went over to Northern Monk, sadly we only stayed for one (I could have been there all night). They were really helpful and know their beer! I was offered a bottle of Black Isle’s Goldfinch ( I have to say that this is an excellent beer for anyone gluten intolerant or not, this is a fantastic beer. I have sampled a lot of beer over the years (pre GF) and this would rank as one of my personal favourites and it went some way to easing the pain of not being able to drink Purple Moose’s Ysgawen anymore.

    Thanks for the blog Zoe.


    1. Hi Eric,
      I know the feeling – I genuinely miss beer more than bread sometimes!
      I think the adjustment is both a palate adjustment and sussing out the best places to get hold of decent gluten-free beers in your area. I’ve not sampled the Goldfinch yet, but I’ve heard good things – I’ll have to get out to Northern Monk and give it a go 🙂
      Thanks for reading, Eric.

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